Saturday club day starts at 12.00 noon.  Entry fee is $5, with nett eagle draw an optional 50c.  Visitors from other clubs are welcome, please sign in by 11.30 and groups and starting tees will be allocated.


The Albert Anderson Day


Ellesmere Golf Club members organised running the day on Saturday 26 August at Southbridge, with proceeds to the club.  This was a very successful day and funds raised by the club exceeded expectations.  Many thanks to all those whio helped, especially Bill and Sue Whelan who put so much of their time into organising the event.


 Bruce Bampton auctions and item.


2017 Programme


NOTE:  On Saturday 26 August there will be no club day golf, as most members will be helping out at the Albie Anderson Day at Southbridge.  A club day instead will be held the next day, Sunday 27 August.



You can download the 2017 programme by clicking on the image above.


Course Bookings;


Wednesday 28 June                          Watering Tournament

Sunday 2 July                                   Central Canterbury Cresswell/Richards

Wednesday 12 July                            Lions tournament (course closed)

Wednesday 26th July                          Watering Tournament

Sunday 20 August                              Hornby WMC

Wednesday 23 August                       Watering Tournament

Wednesday 27 September                  Watering Tournament

Monday 2 October                                Selwyn Ladies Vets

Thursday 19 October                          Selwyn Vets

Monday 23 October                           Catholic Church Tournament

Wednesday 25 October                      Watering Tournament

Sunday 5 November                          Richmond and Woolston WMC

Sunday 12 November                         C.C. Masters Semi-final

Wednesday 22 November                  Watering Tournament

Sunday 26 November                         Southbridge Golden Oldies

Wednesday 29 November                  Extra Watering Tournament

Wednesday 27 December                  Watering Tournament


Twilight Golf: This is not on at the moment for winter, will start again after daylight saving begins in spring.  Then is is held every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.  All golfers are welcome to play a relaxed and fun 9-holes, you don't need to be a member, or any good at golf.  It's a great time of the day to enjoy a walk around our beautiful course.


Ladies day: Tuesday morning tee off 10.00 am (10.30 am from May)


Ladies 9-Holes: Tuesday morning tee off 10.30 am (11.00 am from May)


Men's day: Wednesday morning tee off 11.30 am - 12.15pm


3rd Wednesday of the Month Tournaments, 11.30am Tee Off from Sep-Apr, then 11.00 a.m. during winter. $6 Club Members, $10 Visitors. All Welcome.


WATERING TOURNAMENTS [4th Wednesday of each month]

Now starts at 11.30 a.m. for the rest of summer season.

Contact: Bill Whelan 03 324 3251