Welcome to Ellesmere Golf Club

The course has an extensive irrigation system which allows the fairways and greens to be well maintained for excellent golf all year round. The club welcomes all affiliated club members and green fee paying golfers.

The club has a genuine country reputation for its friendliness and welcoming nature and warmly invites any prospective golfer to join. The club has members currently living in Christchurch who are more than happy to travel to Ellesmere to play.

When asked why do that rather than join a town club, the answer does vary slightly but among the main reasons are:
  • The members are happy to play golf with both experienced and learner golfers.
  • The course is always maintained with excellent greens and well cared for fairways. Even the rough is not a major obstacle for some!
  • There is no prior booking required to be able to play on the course. Just turn up and play.
  • The course is well laid out with some interesting holes that will test both experienced and learner players.